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Digital Working Hours Counter replacement for Curtis 701PR-102, 701PR-112 counters

Curtis 701PR-102, 701PR-112 replacement motor hours counter
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Digital Working Hours LCD counter for motor hours storing. Can be used as replacement for original Curtis 701PR-102, 701PR-112, Hobbs, Honeywell or others industrial hour meters. Works fine for tractors and industrial machines with 24V supply.

When ordering please put in comment your original work hours and we will send a new counter with original motors hours pre-uploaded.

Mechanical data and pinout is compatible with 701PR-102.


Technical data:

Display capacity:6 numbers +2 DOS prompts

Operation voltage:4.5~30.0V

Static power consumption current :<1mA(5.0V)

Character high:5.0mm

Environment relative humidity :<85%

View angle:12:00

Operation temperature:-30~+80°C

Display pattern:Reflective type(anode display)

Storage temperature:-40~+85°C

Interface pattern:Clock

CMOS chip



1 year unlimited mileage warranty

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