Audi TT 2004-2012 instrument cluster...
Audi TT 2004-2012 instrument cluster...

Audi TT 2004-2012 instrument cluster repair service

Audi TT year 1999-2004 instrument cluster repair service:

  • LCD displays repair: complete or partial loss of LCD display
  • Blinking cluster lights, chattering needles
  • Gauges motor replace: the fuel and/or engine temperature gauge giving incorrect readings, tachometer or speedometer needles not functional properly
  • Other: pulsing lights or complete dash failure;
  • Full after repair testing.

Dashboard faults
  • Main LCD Repair
  • Full repair LCD + gauges
Tax included


Instrument clusters with these defects part numbers:

  • 8N1919860C
  • 8N1919880E
  • 8N1920860J
  • 8N1920880C
  • 8N1920930C
  • 8N2919930B
  • 8N2920910C
  • 8N29209300C
  • 8N2920930A
  • 8N2920930C
  • 8N2920950
  • 8N2920980
  • 8N2920980A
  • 8N2920980D

(Can't find the number? Don’t worry, we cover all part numbers for this instrument cluster)

How Does our repair service work?

  1. Try to find on your problem description using Menu or Search window.
  2. Click on "Buy it now", select shipping and pay for the service. 
  3. Remove the module from the vehicle (try to find on disassembling instruction) and make sure it is boxed and packaged well.
  4. Print shipment label and call courier for pickup. After repair you will receive your rebuillded 


Common Failure symptoms:

  • Gauges moving incorrectly
  • Complete dash failure
  • Loss of digital display
  • Flashing/pulsing back light & display
  • Loss of rev counter and/or speedo
  • Chattering gauges
  • Non-start due to immobilizer lock-out


Affected Vehicles:

  • Audi TT (MK1 / 8N) Years: 1998 – 2004



All original programming/coding remains intact during test and rebuild, simply plug and play when you receive it back.


Repair time:

We will need your unit for approximately 2 days + shipment to complete the full rebuild.



1 year unlimited mileage warranty

If you wish to send pictures of your part to check compatibility, please send us a message.

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